Pressure Points

GraceCity’s Pressure Points conversations provide opportunities for participants to dialogue about some of the most pressing – and often divisive – issues facing the church and society at large.

As part of GraceCity’s vision for reconciling our diverse community across lines that might divide us, Pressure Points is designed to empower participants with the motivation and skills needed to confront cultural anxieties related to race and ethnicity, privilege and poverty, exclusion and belonging.

We explore a range of topics from a variety of perspectives to deepen our understanding of complex and overlapping issues. Through facilitated small group discussions, panel presentations, workshops, and more, Pressure Points aims to create a critical mass of community members motivated and equipped to engage in discourse that bridges social chasms rather than widens them.

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Pressure Points Conversation | Thursday, November 14th

Science and Faith: Complementary or Contradictory?
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