Do the Work

As followers of Christ we carry a responsibility to live out our discipleship to the highest standard. When we engage in the work of Jesus in the world, we must do our homework, prepare, and connect. The gospel calls us to best work, not just best intention.

The Christian struggle for reconciliation is not merely a political or theological debate. We misunderstand the Gospel if we fail to place the demand for reconciliation and justice at the center of the kingdom that Jesus inaugurates.

Here’s our work GraceCity: To follow Christ is to live in solidarity with all whom Jesus loves – to see each person as worthy of the profound love and respect owed to all the children of God. Shalom occurs when the image of God is recognized, protected and cultivated in every human being. Reconciliation is not only the right work to do, it is the joyful work to do. It is freeing. It’s good news!

A Tough Mind & A Tender Heart
Pastor Bob Bingham
Matthew 10:16
July 5, 2020

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Pastor Bob Bingham
Romans 12:2
July 12, 2020

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Pastor Corey Barnes
Luke 10:29
July 19, 2020

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Pastor Corey Barnes
Luke 23:34
July 26, 2020