GraceCity 14th Anniversary – January 8,2023

Fourteen years ago, on the second Sunday of 2009, GraceCity Baltimore held its first worship service, and we’ve been coming together – in a variety of locations – ever since. 

… more than 700 Sundays and no fewer than five “venues” – Federal Hill Preparatory School; Digital Harbor High School; outside of the Baltimore Museum of Industry (under the pavilion); inside the Baltimore Museum of Industry; and, of course, online.

At 14 years old, our church is now the equivalent of a teenager. We’re now at the stage, as Pastor Corey beautifully highlighted during a recent discussion, where we’re getting to witness the transformation from childhood to adulthood of some of the young people we’ve worked with, cared for, and mentored along the way. And what an awe-inspiring sight and experience this is!

Journey On
Pastor Michael A. Parker II – Journey United Methodist Church
Genesis 12:1-7
January 8, 2023