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The Christmas story is as well-known as your most beloved piece of furniture, and just as worn around the edges. It feels like HOME. This year “home” takes on a greater variety of meanings than ever before as we navigate travel restrictions and the make-up of our holiday homes. We’ll do this together at GraceCity!

This Christmas, we warmly invite you to come home in every sense of the word, and in every way possible. Home to your church family, or if you haven’t been with us before, to a church home waiting much the same way many in Bethlehem awaited Joseph – with open arms. 

And we’ll ask ourselves: “Have the years—centuries, millennia even—of our traditional understanding of this story added meanings that are not there, or perhaps worn away meanings that once were?” 

So we’ll go home to the first century AD, to the dawn Jesus’ years on Earth…to discover what we may of the culture, the circumstances, and the marvelous community surrounding him at birth. Home to as close a first-reading of the Christmas story as you’ve ever experienced.

Bring your family, your friends, your loved ones Home this Christmas.

GRACECity 2020 small group Study Guide

GraceCity’s advent study guide helps our small groups – no matter how large or small – walk through weekly Christmas themes that build on our sermon series. Join us on Sunday’s on Youtube or Facebook for our live services, then dive into the study guide at your own pace to discover more.

Weeks 1&2 study Guide

week 3 study guide

week 4 study guide

GraceCity 2020 Advent Calendar

Finding Home in the Family of God
Matthew 1 Selections
Pastor Bob Bingham
November 29,2020

Take Mary Home
Matthew 1: 18-24
Pastor Corey Barnes
December 6,2020

Coming to the House
Matthew 2:1-21
Pastor Corey Barnes
December 13,2020

Finding Home in the Midst of Trouble
Matthew 2:11-16, 19-20
Pastor Bob Bingham
December 20,2020

Welcome Home
Luke 2: 2-14
Pastor Corey Barnes and Pastor Bob Bingham
December 24, 2020

Crossing Barriers with Jesus
John 4:1-42
Kathy Tuan-MacLean
December 27,2020