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Come and be a part of this great new series designed to equip you to experience God’s grace GROWING in us, among us, and through us – bringing the fullness of Jesus Christ to all of life. We will explore together GraceCity’s new purpose statement, and cast a vision for what this means as we cultivate thriving, growing relationships with Jesus. We will look at God’s grace growing IN US: the role of God’s Word, Prayer, and Obedience in the life of a believer. Then we’ll spend a few weeks on God’s grace growing AMONG US: the role of Community, Forgiveness, and Encouragement in our lives. Finally, we’ll look at God’s grace growing THROUGH US: the role of intentional friendships, redemptive work, and sacrificial service. We’re so excited for this series and invite you to join with us, whether from afar online each week, or in person with us in the service!



You and your family and neighbors and friends are warmly invited to spend the Easter 2013 season with GraceCity Church. Beginning with Palm Sunday on March 24, continuing with Good Friday Service on March 29 at 7 p.m., and culminating with a huge resurrection celebration on Easter Sunday, March 31; we welcome you all with joy!

Easter week brings the message of both wounding and healing. All of us know about the wounding part – many of us need to know the power of God to heal. The resurrection assures us of God’s power and love, and all things in heaven and earth stand on its shoulders. We need God’s power in the present in order to embrace His forgiveness of the past, and to comprehend the healing of our future. Is God really able to do what He says – to change human nature and make us whole and alive in Christ? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”, because “by His wounds, we are healed.”

By His Wounds


The letter to the Ephesians stands as one of the most significant documents ever written. Among the Pauline writings, many claim only his letter to the church at Rome can match Ephesians as a candidate for exercising the most influence on Christian thought and spirituality.

In one very real sense, this epistle serves as the blueprint for cosmic reconciliation. Ephesians draws up the plan with a flourish – staking out the very identity of followers of Christ as God’s “new humanity”, while developing them heavenward in unity, truth, and love.

This is practical theology, and one cannot help when beginning to read Ephesians, to be somewhat overwhelmed. But overwhelmed in a good way – for some, it’s like coming downstairs on Christmas morning and seeing the mountain of gifts!

Here there are no lists of rules to follow; no slick and easy solutions to our fundamental needs. But to a modern world that seems to have lost all sense of direction, and a society that for all its great achievements, lingers in chaos, this epistle is monumental! Welcome to twelve weeks in the blueprint of Ephesians!

Blueprint, a study in Ephesians


Join us as we highlight glimpses of the life of one of the most well-known figures in all of history: David. He was a man after God’s own heart who found great success in the Lord, while at the same time, he found great failure. What can we learn from the successes and failures of this great man of God?

This will grow our understanding of God’s grace and His purpose in our lives. We will look at the flaws, consequences, and victories of David, and how God’s purposes prevailed through it all. If you can’t make it on a Sunday, check us out each week below for an audio version of the sermon.

After God’s Own Heart


Come worship and learn with us every Sunday at Federal Hill Prep Elementary School as we launch our new series: IMAGINE – the Commitments of GraceCity. We will begin forming our congregation’s collective conscience and heart around the commitments that God has set before us as a church. We’ll start on the idea of growing toward maturity and wholeness in Christ in every dimension of our lives, and then dive into a variety of topics. From engaging nonbelievers, to healing injustice, this is a highly practical, dynamic series! We can’t wait to learn alongside you!



Have you ever wondered just how to get your arms around the Holy Spirit in your daily life? Just what does the Holy Spirit mean to us practically? What is the inside story of the Trinity? How does ‘rebirth’ figure into my life with Christ? What is the scoop about spiritual gifts? (And I’ve heard Corey and Bob talk about this very odd word, “sanctification”, and I have no idea what that means???) Well church, we’re gonna get after the Holy Spirit: theologically, practically, spiritually and passionately. And it just may be a great time to invite those friends whom you’ve wished would come with you to your church. These will be a very dynamic six weeks!



Join us as we explore the magnificent gift of Jesus throughout this Christmas season. This is a season to celebrate and rejoice at the birth of our Savior. Bring your friends and family – we can’t wait to see you!