Because He Lives

Because He lives, He can never be confined to mere human understanding.  

death couldn’t beat him – the grave couldn’t hold him. 

He has risen.

We can’t outlive Him – we can’t live without Him. 

nothing can be the same.

when we least expect it, when we’ve lost all hope – He is at work. 

come as you are…

Because He lives.

Good Friday | 7 Last Words
April 19, 2019
Elder Dr. Christin Hanigan, GraceCity
Cynthia Johnson, Speak to My Heart Ministries
John Crooks, GraceCity
Minister Vanessa Elam, L.I.F.E. Women Fellowship
Bishop Duane Johnson, Speak to My Heart Ministries
Pastor Charles Hall, Life Church
Pastor Ryan Casey, Horizon Church

Because He Lives | Bob Bingham & Corey Barnes
Mark 16:1-8
Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019
(technical difficulties caused the beginning of this sermon not to record)

Because He Lives, I will also Live | Elder Jamon Bailey
John 20:24-29
Sunday April 29, 2019

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