On Set

On Set with “The Book of JAMES”

If you’ve ever been on a film set, you’ve heard a unique vocabulary. Blocking, Striking, Hot Set…and so much more. At a certain point, the set takes on a sense of urgency and you’ll hear words called out…

Pictures up!

Roll Sound!




Action. For the follower of Christ, action occupies a unique place alongside our personal and communal faith. So we ask, “What does faith look like – in action?” For 10 weeks this winter, you’re invited onto the set of the Book of James, and into the nature of a faith that works – a faith in action. James, the half-brother of Jesus will be our director, calling out things so big they may seem incomprehensible. Can’t wait to join the action – together.

Moving from Trouble to Triumph (Part I)
James 1: 1-3
Pastor Corey Barnes
January 17,2021

Moving from Trouble to Triumph (Part II)
James 1: 4-12
Pastor Corey Barnes
January 24,2021

Father of Lights
James 1: 13-18
Pastor Bob Bingham
January 31,2021

The Credible Hulk
James 1:19-27
Pastor Bob Bingham
February 7, 2021

The Ministry of Impartiality-Part I
James 2:1-4
Pastor Corey Barnes
February 14, 2021

The Ministry of Impartiality-Part II
James 2:5-13
Pastor Corey Barnes
February 21, 2021

Learn Your Lines – Part I
James 3: 1-12
Pastor Bob Bingham
February 28, 2021

Learn Your Lines – Part II
James 4: 1-12
Pastor Bob Bingham
March 7, 2021

The Power in God’s Will
James 4:13-17
Pastor Corey Barnes
March 14, 2021

The Power in Prayer
James 5:13-18
Pastor Corey Barnes
March 21, 2021