The authorities thought the revolution brought about by Jesus would cease with his death.  Surely Jesus’ followers would fall back in line if they could display their power over a man who they believed to be a mere human.  But what the authorities missed was that the true revolution was within the hearts and minds of Jesus’ followers. Further, the death sentence they were about to execute was part of God’s plan from the start!  Jesus was born to die as a sacrifice for our sins and to once again make right our relationship with God. Jesus’ death and burial would not mark the end of the story. A new chapter was about to begin!

In this Easter series, Resurrection, we jump ahead in Luke’s Gospel to examine Jesus’ suffering in his final days.  Even though Jesus was fully the Son of God, his divinity did not prevent him from feeling human anguish and pain, and just as we would, Jesus prayed for the cup of suffering to be taken away.  He even prayed so fervently that sweat like blood dripped from his forehead! Yet Jesus’ prayer was also one of surrender to the Father that loves him—not my will but yours be done. This posture sustained Jesus through his brutal death to the glory of the resurrection and is the same posture that we, his followers, must take on today.

Palm Sunday
When Rocks Cry Out | Bob Bingham
Luke 19:28-44
April 5, 2020

Easter Sunday
Breaking Point to Turning Point | Corey Barnes & Bob Bingham
Luke 24:1-4
April 12, 2020

A Walk in the Time of Covid | Bob Bingham
Luke 24:13-14
April 19, 2020