Jesus’ birth upset the world order.  The long anticipated Savior, God in human form, had arrived on Earth.  Yet the revolution Jesus brought about did not occur by force and violence as did most of that day.  Nor did Jesus come to blaze paths, allowing others to simply fall in line. Rather, Jesus called, equipped, and commissioned his followers—an opportunity now open to all people—to do the very job they expected him to do.

For the first half of 2020, we’ll continue from Advent our look at Jesus through the Gospel of Luke.  In this first series, Revolution, we’ll sharpen our image of the Son of God and how he prepares us for the ongoing work of reconciliation, building His Kingdom on Earth, in Baltimore, as it is in heaven.

Revolutionary Job Descriptions
Corey Barnes
Luke 4:14-30
January 19, 2020

Revolutionary Healing
Corey Barnes & Sarah Batley (Araminta Freedom Initiative)
Luke 4:31-44
January 26, 2020

A Revolutionary Calling
Corey Barnes
Luke 5:1-11
February 2, 2020

The One Who Forgives
Pat Goodman
Luke 5:17-27
February 9, 2020

Revolutionary Response
Elder Jamon Bailey
Luke 6:27-36
February 17, 2020