Road Trip

Pack up and hit the open road with GraceCity’s summer series “Road Trip!”
Nothing quite matches loading up the vehicle with loved ones and heading for adventure, detours, and even a flat tire or two. Kinda like our journey of faith!

We’ll find all of that and more in Biblical road encounters each Sunday from June 30 – September 1. It’s all in the scriptures as to what we pack, where we go, and who makes the plan. We’ll make use of both testaments for our GPS – are you up for a reroute? And guess what? You can ask, “Are we there yet?” as often as you like! (just like Jesus’ disciples did so often!)

Few things in life are more memorable than a great Road Trip with family – the GC family!

No Short Cuts to God’s Divine Destination | Corey Barnes
Exodus 13:17-20
June 30, 2019

Road Trouble | Bob Bingham
John 5:6
July 7, 2019

On the Road Called Straight Street | Corey Barnes
Acts 9:10-19
July 14, 2019