The Power Of A Story

We will be doing some summer beach reading on the waterfront at Grace City throughout our warm-weather season. Every week, we will dip into the biography of an individual from the Bible to better understand who this person was and what this person continues to mean to us. Get ready to rediscover the power of a story.

Finding the Truth in Your Story
Pastor Corey Barnes
Mark 2:1-12
June 27, 2021

Stop Crippling Yourself by Your Own Story
Pastor Corey Barnes
John 5:1-10
July 4, 2021

When Your Story Doesn’t Go as Planned
Dr. Christin Hanigan
The Life of Joseph, Genesis 37-50
July 11, 2021

When Stories Collide
Pastor Bob Bingham
Luke 19:1-10
July 18,2021

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Kingdom
Pastor Bob Bingham
Genesis 1, Acts 8:26-39, Revelation 7:9
July 25,2021

I Have Had Enough
Jamon Bailey
1 Kings 17-19
August 1,2021

Whose Story Is It Anyway?
Christin Hanigan
John 6:1-14
August 8,2021

Strangers in a Strange Land
Pastor Bob Bingham
Numbers 13-14:9
August 15,2021

The Chronicles of Stephen
Pastor Bob Bingham
Acts 7-8:3
August 22, 2021

Something Wicked This Way Still Comes
Pastor Bob Bingham
Exodus 5-6:12
August 29,2021

Surviving on the Leftovers
Pastor Corey Barnes
2 Kings 4:1-7
September 5, 2021