Sunday Mornings

Worshipping together every Sunday is a complex delight. At GC, “S.O.S. teams” make this happen.  We reverse the old logic that 20% of the people do 80% of the work, and all of us take on the joy to deliver a great worship experience.

It really takes little time when we’re all in it together!  And best of all, you’ll find that you feel more “in on things”, more like a part of the church,  as well as make some new friends who are serving at your side.

Contact Jeremy Scholz for more information. Visit our church hub once you’ve signed up to connect with your S.O.S. team!


4 Service Arenas Outside of Church

GraceCity’s mission of reconciliation shows up visibly in the world through its people around the city and through huge investment in four life-changing service arenas. Tackling chronic culture killing issues that plague our communities, we approach service with the goal of building lasting relationships. Therefore we relentlessly commit to each arena for a generation recognizing that sustainable change and authentic reconciliation takes time.


SHARPkids is a GraceCity after-school program that makes it easy to invest yourself – with immediate blessings and benefits. These elementary/middle school aged kids will teach you much and love you beyond your expectations. And the value you bring to their lives is clear and profound. Alongside the Sharp-Leadenhall Community Association and Federal Hill Preparatory School, GraceCity operates SHARPkids Monday – Thursday for the children of Sharp-Leadenhall.

For information, contact Lil Gurney-Crooks and check out this video for a great picture of what it’s like to be a SHARPkids volunteer!

SHARPkids meets every Monday – Thursday from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. during the school year, for children Kindergarten – 5th grade. Every summer brings the incredible SHARPkids day camp! You can plug in for one hour/week, or much more.  Make no mistake, when it comes to kids, we always need more kid-loving adults who show up!

We meet in the community room on the main floor of the Sharp-Leadenhall apartments.

Araminta Freedom Initiative

What has become clear in Baltimore (and other major cities), is that sexual predators and adults whose only motivation is the nearly incalculable revenue stream, continue to perfect the art of controlling and victimizing vulnerable children.

The vision of the Araminta Freedom Initiative is to see the commercial viability of the human trafficking of domestic minors in the Baltimore region dismantled and its victims rescued. GraceCity is one of the founding churches of Araminta, and a prime sponsor.

Following the legacy of abolitionist Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross, 1820-1913), and transformational leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and William Wilberforce, Araminta’s work stands on God’s call to justice articulated in Isaiah 61:1, which compels us “to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.”

Connect with Lindsay Skefas for more information on how GraceCity members can get involved.


HopeSprings, launched by Grace Fellowship and Central Presbyterian Church in 2007, addresses the HIV/Aids pandemic in Baltimore.  Alongside multiple partnerships, HopeSprings works to eradicate HIV/Aids in Baltimore in this generation.

Over two dozen members from GraceCity have been trained in the HopeSprings ‘Journey Course’, and many are now certified HIV/AIDS community testers at in the citywide outreach.  Many others are connected in relationships with HIV-positive minor girls in a residential home setting.

GraceCity is committed in this generation to being a dynamic part of the solution to Baltimore’s overwhelming need for healing in this arena. We’re always looking for volunteers and there are so many ways to be involved – testing, counseling, spiritual guidance, cooking meals, administration, and more!

Connect with Mary Lou Gradisek for more information on how GraceCity members can get involved.

ORPHANetwork in Nicaragua

Desiring an international presence in an arena of severe need that was also accessible and affordable for repeat visits, GraceCity became a partner church with ORPHANetwork in 2010 in Managua, Nicaragua. Called to a garbage dump where 400+ families make their home, and an orphanage hosting 50+ children, GraceCity’s ministry here has matured rapidly since it’s beginning, and we hope you will join us in Nicaragua sometime soon.

GraceCity generally takes a mission trip to Nicaragua every year. In addition, several smaller specialty trips go out regularly to minister in one or more key arenas.

International work always changes you – grows you – and matures you as a follower of Christ. Pray about joining us in Nicaragua soon!

Connect with Mary Lou Gradisek for more information on how GraceCity members can get involved.