Mr. Clinton Hughes was welcomed into the glory by his Savior Jesus on Saturday, March 23, 2019. Memorial contributions will help us offset the cost of his final arrangements and any reserved funds will be used in Clinton’s honor to assist others in similar life circumstances. Thank you so much for considering to donate in his memory.

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*Donations to the Clinton Hughes Memorial Fund are tax deductible*

At GraceCity, your generosity makes a huge difference.

To begin with, your gifts fund our mission arenas in education, human trafficking, people living with HIV, and our partnerships in Nicaragua. We allocate an unusually large percentage of our budget to these arenas, and we hope you are pleased to give toward mature and effective missions that feed 800 children daily in Managua, provide a fully funded after school program for 20+ children enrolled in SHARPkids, help train hundreds of volunteers to dismantle the human trafficking of children, and work alongside our partners at HopeSprings to help eradicate HIV in Baltimore.

Your gifts help GraceCity thrive as a church in the city. These resources create a fully staffed, compelling, and uniquely diverse ministry, building a worshipping community across all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic lines that is nearly unprecedented. The impact of a kingdom community like this is enormous.

If mailing a check please mail to: 3701 Bank St., Suite C | Baltimore, MD 21224

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